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The way to filter through spam properly

The way spam works is simple. It catches your email through scripts incorporated in certain websites and starts sending off a big amount of unnecessary mail from then on.  Filters capture spam by identifying certain, highly suspicious and overly used words. This is where it gets tricky.

Spammers are aware of the words that are targeted by spam filters. They after avoid them. It’s as simple as that. No filter can redirect a message which seems like a regular email. That is just normal. However, the end result is hundreds of spam letters and a flooded mailbox that you have no idea what to do with.

How to work around it?

Luckily for you, there is a solution for the issue. It is called a temporary email box. This is something that you create in an instant. You don’t even need to input your information. The temporary email box is going to handle all the spam. You don’t have to worry about it coming straight to your original one.

What you need to do is simple. You should use the temp email address for everything which is not work related. When you want to subscribe for a certain service, instead of using your regular email, you can use the disposable one.

This way, all the spam related to the subscription which you do not want to receive will get in the temp mail box. Moreover, you can highlight certain emails and get them redirected towards the original mail. This way, while all others get in your original email, you can easily leave out the unimportant emails in the temp box.

It’s quick and convenient

You are probably familiar with all the hassle that is associated with having to create a new email address. You have to input a huge amount of personal information, including names, date of birth, gender, address and even your phone number. Temporary email addresses pass this issue with convenience.

All you have to do is enter the website. You will have your temporary email address generated automatically. It’s not going to cost you a thing. Moreover, it is not going to take you any time at all. So it is particularly easy and convenient to handle.

Once your temporary email is full or it gets too flooded with spam, all you have to do is continue and replace it with a new one. This is going to take just as insignificant amount of time as the previous one.

We live in a challenging world in which online protection is rather paramount and absolutely necessary. You need to understand that your email is the entry point for a huge amount of different threats.

That’s why you want to make sure that this is something which is handled properly and without any issues. Your email is properly protected because spam letters oftentimes contain viruses and very dangerous software. This could be devastating for your systems. It also could lead to a complete loss of data.

Temporary email address (10 minutes emails)- Why and how? Sometime you want to sign up for a site which requires email address to send a validation e-mail to. But you don’t want to provide your real email because they can send many spam mail to your email. To avoid that, visit this Fake email generator: and you will have a Disposable email address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This email will expire after 10 minute so you can call this 10 minute email. Our service is free! Let’s enjoy!


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The Contrast between Regular Email and Anonymous Email (10 minutes emails) – Blog

These days everybody has an email address, as it’s virtually impossible to have adequate Internet experience without having one. Whether you wish to create a social media account, have a profile on the forum, or download some files, you need to have an inbox. At the same time, if you browse the web on a proper basis, you may have already seen some information about anonymous emails. If you still wonder how distinct these types of emails are from the regular ones, continue reading.

Compare standard and disposable email (10 minutes emails)

There are lots of differences that you will notice when using fake and regular email addresses. Here are some of the most significant characteristics of the temporary email (10 minutes emails):

  • Anonymous email address (10 minutes emails) hides your identity totally.
    When you choose to give your disposable email address (10 minutes emails) to another person, you can be confident that they won’t be able to find out your identity. It doesn’t matter which reasons you have for preferring to protect your privacy, but it’s definitely great that you have this opportunity. Even if you delete your name or modify it in your real email, depending on the email service that you use and how knowledgeable your recipient is, they may find out your IP. By adopting the anonymous mail, you protect yourself, as your IP is not stored on the website.
  • You do not have to register.
    When you set up a regular email, you have to enter your name, create a login and password, and enter some information, such as your phone number, in case you forget your password. All of these steps can be bypassed when you use a disposable email address (10 minutes emails), as its entire purpose is to help protect your privacy, so it only makes sense that you don’t have to enter your personal details. Your login will be generated automatically, but if you wish to make it look more personal, especially if you want to give this new email to another person, you can always click the “Change” button on your screen and enter the login you prefer. Also, you can make the domain to the one that seems most appealing.
  • Your temporary email got deleted.
    Another difference of the anonymous email address when it is compared to the standard one is that the email letters that you will receive are not meant to be stored forever. The emails got deleted once an hour in order to ensure the highest level of protection. What is remarkable is that if you receive an important email that you will need to view later, you can download it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer in just a couple of clicks.
  • You can rapidly delete the address.
    If you no longer desire your fake inbox, or you totally want to switch to a different one, you can do so by clicking a single button – Delete. Once you do that, your current email will be deactivated and a different one will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Maximum with the simplicity.
    Lots of modern email services offer numerous features, but it’s safe to say that the majority of people never use them. Because temporary email (10 minutes emails) is not tended to be used as the full-fledged personal email address, it is designed to be exceptionally simple and convenient. It will take you only a few seconds to see your letters and decide what you want to do with them – save to your device or let them get deleted.

If you’re an active Internet user, it’s more than reasonable that you can benefit from an anonymous email as they offer you a chance to ensure the protection of your computer and hide your identity if you ever need to. Another remarkable thing about disposable email (10 minutes emails) is that it’s free to use despite providing all the mentioned advantages. Prevent spam from flooding your personal email by applying a fake one whenever you need!

Temporary email address (10 minutes emails)- Why and how? Sometime you want to sign up for a site which requires email address to send a validation e-mail to. But you don’t want to provide your real email because they can send many spam mail to your email. To avoid that, visit this Fake email generator: and you will have a Disposable email address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This email will expire after 10 minute so you can call this 10 minute email. Our service is free! Let’s enjoy!

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Why Do We Desire for a Temporary mail (10 minutes emails) – Blog

When we come upon that an anonymous email exists, we do not entirely understand how usefulness it can be. And the most remarkable question is, “Why do we desire for a temporary mail (10 minutes emails), if we already have regular email service providers (,, …)?” If both the regular emails and anonymous emails are absolutely free, then, “What is the difference?” you may ask. If we would like to receive a definite picture of the situation, we need to look at it from all angles.

Confidentiality for a temporary address (10 minutes emails)

That type of email is anonymous for a reason. Complete confidentiality will be given from the moment you enter the site and until you remove your email at A regular email is absolutely different:

  1. When you register to pick up a regular email, you will need to provide personal information. However, adopting a temporary mail (10 minutes emails) you don’t need to do it.
  2. A regular email address will never delete your emails, while all the letters will be automatically deleted after one hour when you are using a temporary mail (10 minutes emails).
  3. A regular email can’t be completely removed. On the other hand, disposable email (10 minutes emails) gives you this choice without any problems.

Thus, a temporary address has considerable advantages in matters of privacy.

Using a temporary address email (10 minutes emails) is simple and easy

While using, you will not discover any features that aren‘t useful. Regular email services, on the other hand, are full of irrelevant features, half of which are unknown to even the most tech-savvy users.

Benefits of a disposable email (10 minutes emails):

  • When you’re registering on a resource that demands an email from a specific country, temporary mail will help you out.
  • Online shops usually instruct you to enter an email address. This is an excellent place to use a temporary mail. Otherwise, your inbox will be speedily filled up by promotional emails.
  • You don’t need to enter a captcha when using co; when setting up a regular email, you’re always required to enter a captcha.
  • Temporary mail doesn’t limit users in the amount of the emails created from the same IP. Regular emails, however, made a cap on the number of emails that you can create from a single IP address.
  • You can register at temporary mail in just a couple of seconds while setting up a regular email takes at least a couple of minutes.
  • Temporary mail don’t exist long enough to be hacked, whereas regular emails are the prime target for the majority of hackers.
  • There is constantly a chance that you might forget the password to your regular email; anonymous emails don’t have a password.

    Temporary email address (10 minutes emails)- Why and how? Sometime you want to sign up for a site which requires email address to send a validation e-mail to. But you don’t want to provide your real email because they can send many spam mail to your email. To avoid that, visit this Fake email generator: and you will have a Disposable email address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This email will expire after 10 minute so you can call this 10 minute email. Our service is free! Let’s enjoy!

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How to secure your online business via 10 minutes emails – Blog

How to secure your online business via 10 minutes emails

Nowadays, it is relatively difficult to conduct business without participating in the life of the Internet community. Any credible organization or entrepreneur has an Internet page for rapid connection with customers and selling products in their own online stores. As a rule, payment is carried out directly on this sites using a bank card or one of electronic payment systems.

Unfortunately, poor security organization of a corporate or personal website can lead to unfortunate consequences. According to statistics, entrepreneurs participated in business on the Internet, annually lose up to 16 billion dollars from the actions of scammers. This amount consists not only of money stolen from e-wallets or credit cards, but also from indirect income of intruders, in particular from the sale of stolen personal data, or from taking money for the return of control over a virus-infected device.

Thus, it is not sufficient to use protected payment systems to completely protect yourself from intruders, as you can lose not only money, but your personal and customers’ data, which can cause much greater losses. Typically, most intruders gain access to accounts of users, who entered weak passwords or disclosed their personal data.  Often, the weakest points are social network accounts and e-mail accounts that are not secured by strong password and hidden personal information.
The most common measures used by intruders are:

– Malware, such as viruses, trojans, worms that break into the normal operation of the system and allow intruders to gain access to the device. Typically, the user infects his device by clicking on a link from a message received by e-mail or in a social media;

–  Data breaching. As a rule, personal  data is stolen during target attacks adopting available personal data;

– Exploits that allow intruders to obtain control over user’s device by using vulnerabilities in the software;

– Various fraudulent schemes that allow to gain access to user’s device  using human weaknesses or emotions.

To perform a strong attack, the intruder develops the most efficient attack method  using disclosed user information. Thus, if a user wishes to protect himself from intruders, first of all he needs to protect all his personal accounts and needs to become more anonymous in web. The most efficient way to achieve these goals is to use proxy servers and temp email services when visiting suspicious web resources or when communicating with unknown persons.

Anonymous mail is very simple to use and does not require any registration. Just open web page of a disposable mail service and you’ll gain access to temporary mailbox, which can be used for anonymous registration in various forums, social media, as well as to communicate with unknown persons.

Temp Email can encourage you to protect yourself from targeted attacks, as you hide your real personal information from intruders. Despite the obvious simplicity of such protection, it can efficiently protect you from intruders, aimed at stealing your data and / or money.

Become more anonymous and you will secure your online business from targeted attacks!

Temporary email address (10 minutes emails)- Why and how? Sometime you want to sign up for a site which requires email address to send a validation e-mail to. But you don’t want to provide your real email because they can send many spam mail to your email. To avoid that, visit this Fake email generator: and you will have a Disposable email address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This email will expire after 10 minute so you can call this 10 minute email. Our service is free! Let’s enjoy!


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How Could an Anonymous Email (10 minutes emails) Secure you From Phishing – Blog

The temp email service at can be employed to increase your online security and protect your savings account. How can it go on that? Let us tell you!

Phishing is an extremely common method of online fraud that involves stealing a person’s private information. This is worked out by secretly directing a person to a malicious twin of a popular site (e.g. Paypal) where they will enter their login and password. After you enter your information at such a site your actual account will be captured, and all your money will be immediately transferred to the accounts of thieves. When something like this takes effect, it can be very tricky to get your money back because the majority of sites which can store your money will hold you responsible for your actions.
This refers not only to internet banking but also to online payment systems. The issue is that online payment systems are very widespread but still cannot boast of having a security system on par with the banks.
The Risks of Phishing

Phishing employs the power of psychology to change the minds of the people. When you look at an exciting new offer from a familiar source (a bank or an online payment system), the chances are good that you won’t be very cautious. And the one point that helps people with malicious intent is the fact that most users have a single email address that becomes the main target of attacks.
How to deal with the email problem with the help of an anonymous email provided by

The primary objective is to separate important/business emails from casual and spam emails.
We suggest you to use the following system (you can adjust it depending on your preference):

The emails from vital sources such as online payment systems and banks should be sent to a separate email address (preferably a single email address per payment system).

Casual emails must be sent and received through another email address.

For all other purposes, you should use temp email created with the support of

From now, all your email addresses are protected

When you’re running a separate email address for important correspondence, the chances are very slim that it will have spam letters sent to it. More notably, in such a way you decrease the likelihood of receiving malicious spam that will be phishing for your information.
On the other hand, all “interesting emails” from “online payment systems” that you take on your casual email address can be instantly deleted as you can instantly recognize that they weren’t really sent from your bank account, Paypal, etc.
Finally, the temp email, which you can make using, are able to clean themselves. It means that all emails that were sent to your temp email will be deleted after a lot amount of time (no more than an hour). Furthermore, you can create as many email addresses as you prefer to perform different tasks and change them whenever you wish. Anonymous email do not have the feature of forwarding the emails to software such as Outlook Express, holding all the suspicious emails away from your computer.

Ways of securing yourself by following a few simple rules

All that we pointed out above is the first barrier that stands in the way of the phishing emails. However, there is nevertheless a chance that you may receive and open a malicious email. Thus, a second barrier is required. This barrier is set up by following a set of rules. You have to correctly sort your emails and be vigilant to protect yourself from online fraud.
Here are the rules you should adhere to:

When you receive a suspicious email, don’t be too quick to perform what it asks you to do.

Keep an eye out for individual peculiarities of the emails that you receive. Vague phrases, weird formatting, and other minor details can warn you that you have received a phishing email.

When you are receiving an email from your bank or online payment system with “exciting news” or an “exciting new offer,” you should figure out whether this is true through the official sites of those companies.

When you visit an important site, don’t go there by clicking a link in an email but write its address in the address bar.

Read all about the features of your email address provider and antivirus software that deal with the detection and filtering of spam and suspicious sites.

We believe that services provided by will help you secure your personal information. Follow these basic rules, and you’ll never grow into the victim of phishing. 

Temporary email address (10 minutes emails)- Why and how? Sometime you want to sign up for a site which requires email address to send a validation e-mail to. But you don’t want to provide your real email because they can send many spam mail to your email. To avoid that, visit this Fake email generator: and you will have a Disposable email address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This email will expire after 10 minute so you can call this 10 minute email. Our service is free! Let’s enjoy!


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Self-destructing Emails (10 minutes email) from the Snapmail – Blog

Self-destructing Emails (10 minutes email) from the Snapmail.

Sometimes you may send an temp email (10 minutes email) to somebody you didn’t mean for that person and sent the email to wrong person, or maybe you sent an email and you regretted after awhile. Well now, you are not desperate anymore. Google announced his own encryption system in 2014 (Making end-to-end encryption easier to work). However, that system provides you to encrypt in just google services such as gmail to gmail.

So when you send an encrypted mail to other services like yahoo mail, this feature does not function. There is another choice that provides you more freedom is Snapmail. Snapmail, is a Google chrome extension that provides you possibility to delete the regretted temporary emails whenever and wherever you sent.

Snapmail, encrypts the temp email you send on your device, so whenever you prefer to delete the mail you sent as options like 60 seconds or more after reading the mail by receiver. It lets you to delete it and don’t permit to read by receiver. The receiver having a fault message when they try to read the deleted mail.

How to manage temp email (10 minutes email):

First things, you have to manage Google Chrome Browser. After that you have to install the Snapmail extension from Chrome extension store (Snapmail extension). After you have written your mail you will see a Snapmail send button. After you sent the mail, service will encrypt the mail and will set to self-destruct in 60 seconds after opening mail by receiver. But there is a wrong point, the receiver will not notice the mail is set to self-destruct mode. So it‘s important to acknowledge the receiver about that if it’s necessary.

Before Snapmail, Dmail dominated other self-destructing email temp email (10 minutes email) services. But, because of an unexplained reason Dmail service no longer operated.

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Temporary Email (10 minutes email)— a Priceless Tool for Whom Love eBooks – Blog

Do you like reading but don’t always want to spend your money on books? Fortunately, lots of the times you don’t have to. At the moment, there are numerous sites offering you to download eBooks for free, but there is one significant downside – you have to provide them with your email. If you wish to know how you can overcome this issue, continue reading.

Protect your real email by adopting a disposable mail (10 minutes email) one

There are times when a book that you’re looking for is not available anywhere except for one highly suspicious site that asks you to leave your email if you want to receive an eBook. What should you go on in this situation? The answer is straightforward – use temporary email address (10 minutes email)! The most conspicuous advantages of using a disposable email to download eBooks are:

  • Avoiding spam. It is not a mystery that the reason eBooks websites need your email address is that they want to spam you with endless book offers that you probably have no interest in. If you don’t wish your real inbox to turn into a nightmare and waste your time constantly deleting new emails, you should use a temporary address.
  • Making certain you don’t get viruses. What is worse, it is not surprising for unreliable sites to sell your emails to other services that you have not signed up for, which means that you will receive even more spam newsletters. If your email address ends up in the wrong hands, you may open a letter one day and have your computer infected with viruses.
  • No registration. As opposed to registering an additional email for the eBook-downloading purposes and having to come up with a password and login, you can commence using the fake inbox in a matter of seconds. The site doesn’t require you to register or provide any personal information, all you have to do is open the homepage, and your new email address will be visible at the top of the screen.
  • The disposable email service is not merely fast and trustworthy but also absolutely free, which is always great news.

In such a way, when you use temp mail, you will be able to receive the eBook to your email or download it from the site once you enter the email and forget about the address if you don’t need it anymore. Or, you can go on using it if you are someone who gets new eBooks on a regular basis.

How could you set up your anonymous email (10 minutes email)?

Temporary emails are worked out to make your life easier and protect your personal or work email addresses from being bombarded by the advertising newsletters and disturbing (sometimes even dangerous) spam, which no one wants to deal with. The approach you can start using an anonymous email address from to get the eBook is remarkably straightforward:

  • Open the and you will see an email address, which was generated especially for your computer.
  • Click the “Copy” button at left side of the screen.
  • Go to the eBook site that contains the books you’re interested in and simply press Ctrl + V to enter your new fake mail.
  • Depending on the website, you may be able to download the book from the site directly to your computer, or it will be sent to the email address that you have entered. In the latter situation, all you should do is go back to your temporary email, click the “Refresh” button, and view the eBook.
  • Above the email with your eBook, you will be able to see the “Download” button to save the file to the place of your choosing on your device, which is remarkably easy and quick.

With the support of the temp email address (10 minutes email), you won’t have to worry about the safety of your favorite email that you had for years, but will still be able to enjoy all the free eBooks available on the website. The service is easy-to-use, reliable, and fast, which is what we all prefer.


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Who and what purposes uses temporary mail (10 minutes email)? – Blog

There is merely small percentage of huge international services in the Internet that demand full personalization in the process of registration emphasizing on full name input and bound such information with telephone number. Other 99% of internet resources offer to tell only e-mail while registration.

Then in your mail box there come a letter with link or testing combination.  After clicking on it registration process is usually completed.
Users write down such data and don’t think about potential consequences. That’s why we guarantee that creating temporary disposable email box will produce such procedures simpler and will save you from undesirable effects. Now we’ll tell why.

What purposes is temporary mail (10 minutes emails) needed?

Each user of net took the problem of registration on this or that resource. Specifying our mail box we open the path for advertisements, unnecessary notifications and spam.
If registration was done on some services then user can take hundreds of useless letters. Among this junk it’s terribly hard to find necessary messages.
The fundamental point about temporary mail is to solve this problem. Now you can make registration on the service giving temp mail box and you will get desired information but your truthful mailbox won’t be littered.

 Additional abilities:

With the support of disposable temporary mail you can make some useful manipulations, mainly:

  1. You can take registration on suspicious resources. Sometimes there is the necessity to make access to information, but its source is not confidential. In such case it’s dangerous to input your real data, that’s why temporary mail 10 minute can be useful.
  2. If you desire to register for one time, for example for film or game download and in future you won’t use this resource.
  3. For internet voting temporary mail 10 minute will be particularly appropriate as you know that for such action for one mail there is measured number of votes.
  4. On such mails letters come immediately, that’s why you can read a letter and at the same time look through all accessible information about its author.
  5. If you need to create some accounts at one time on websites or in social networks.

Advantages of temporary mail 10 minute

Temporary mail 10 minute differs from consistent. Firstly, you shouldn’t lose your time for registration and for thinking about combinations. Server generates address for itself in moments. Maybe you will choose domain.
Such mail is anonymous while you don’t enter any contact information.
Take into account that such mail can serve as a mirror for your regular mail or it may exist as independent one.
As you see usage of temporary mail 10 minute has a lot of advantages. With the support of our services you can forget about spam and open access for necessary for you information safely.


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